Bringing Baby Home

Improving the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families.

I remember when my first child was born. My wife and I spent so much time learning what to expect during the pregnancy and first year of her life. What we didn’t expect were the challenges that having a newborn would present to our own relationship.

The Bringing Baby Home workshop is designed to help couples just like us who might need a little help learning how to maintain a satisfying relationship after having a baby.

My hope is that providing this workshop will give you and your partner the tools and understanding you need to have a thriving friendship where hostility is reduced and affection is increased.  Through the exercises you will learn just what it takes to ensure that you both have positive parenting interactions!

Research shows that within three years after the birth of a child, about two-thirds of parents experience a significant drop in their relationship quality. Additionally, there is a dramatic increase in conflict and hostility.

Many parents experience baby blues and postpartum mood disorders. These changes result in changes which extend beyond the couples relationship and will often lead to frustrated parenting and lower quality in the parent-infant interaction.

"How can we maintain the quality of our relationship and also build a strong and healthy family?"

You will learn:

How to maintain relationship satisfaction after having a baby

Reduce relationship hostility and increase affection

Promote positive parentbaby interactions

Promote quality involvement for parents

Reduce the incidence or severity of perinatal mood disorders

What would it cost if your relationship gets neglected
immediately following the birth of your child?

  • Relationship counseling to repair hurt from years of distance and hostility ($2000)
  • Relationship frustration creeping into job performance? (Tens of thousands of $ in potential raises, promotions or career advancement)
  • A divorce (the average cost is ~$30,000)
  • Child being raised without emotional security during the most important years of attachment formation (can we even put a price on this?)

Instead of having to pay more than $50,000 because of a troubled relationship, this workshop can help you minimize the meltdown of your relationship that happens to over two-thirds of all couples.

Today I am offering the 12 hour workshop for only $300.

Here's what to do next:

First, read through the details of what you will learn with your parther so you can be sure the workshop is right for you. 

Then, because space is limited, register right away to secure your spot.


Now through March 30, I'm offering an early-bird discount.
You and your partner can attend together for only $200!
Act Fast!

Just $300 for 12 full hours of learning research-backed practices to help you create an enviroment where you and your family can grow emotionally healthy and secure.

Explain what to expect during the transition to parenthood

Describe child development in the first year

Create strategies to coordinate with family / caretaking members

Learn ways to improve communication

Recognize the signs of perinatal mood, anxiety, and adjustment disorders and be aware of support and treatment options

Demonstrate how to strengthen friendship, intimacy, and conflict regulation skills

The Starting Place Birth and Wellness Center
720 N 3rd St.
Temple, TX 76501

Babies in arms are welcome to attend!

The price of each ticket is for you and your partner to attend.

Yes, this workshop is designed specifically for couples! While you would benefit greatly without having them there, the real transformation is in the exercises you will complete together.

Yes, the Bringing Baby Home workshop has been tailored to be as inclusive as possible and to make the content readily accessible and appropriate for diverse groups, audiences, or populations. The content has evolved and has been adapted to address the needs of a broader population base such as same-gender, transgender, foster, adoptive parents and those with a child with disability and other marginalized groups.

No, lunch on both days is on your own off-site. There will be light snacks and refreshments available.

Yes, everything you need for the in-person workshop will be provided!

I can say with certainty that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Your investment in your relationship will not be returned void.

If you participate in the workshop and are not 100% satisfied, I am happy to provide a refund!

(The Workshop is Limited to 8 Couplesl – Secure Your Spot Before Seats Are Gone!)

Join Us As We Show You How To Maintain Your Relationship Closeness Even with a Baby or Toddler!

Just $300! 

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