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Better Together – Premarital Workshop


The Better Together Workshop helps couples preparing for marriage to learn how to build a foundation of connection, fight for understanding and keep their vision in focus. The skills and techniques will help couples get their relationship started right so they can enjoy a lifetime of love and know that they are truly “Better Together!”

Tuesdays at 7:00pm (central), April 4th – May 23rd via Zoom 


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Better Together – An Online Premarital Workshop!

Tuesdays, 7:00pm (central), April 4th – May 23


In this Workshop We Will Learn How To:
  1. Build a Foundation of Connection by
    • Strengthening Your Friendship
    • Doing Small Things Often
    • Turning Towards Each Other
  2. Fight for Understanding by
    • Avoiding the predictors of relationship disaster
    • Fighting with style
    • Turning Conflict into Discovery
    • Recovering After Disagreements
  3. Keep Your Vision In Focus by
    • (re)Writing Your Relationship Legacy
    • Creating Shared Meaning
    • Planning For Success
    • Couples Connection Checkup




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