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Take your relationship to the next level without even leaving your home! 

Couples Therapy

Uncover what isn’t working, discovery how to fix it and recover the spark in your relationship using the Relationship Recovery Roadmap.

Weekend Intensive

Sometimes a more focused approach is required to help get through a crisis. The weekend intensive is for couples who require immediate support.

Mini E-Courses

Mini-courses are a great way to enhance your relationship with skills that can be put into practice immediately. Take the course with your partner or on your own. Either way, your relationship grows. 

Recorded live with an actual couple, this course will lead you and your partner through 5 important steps to have the best relationship possible! 

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Specifically for couples preparing for marriage, Before You Say, “I Do!” is aimed at helping couples get their relationship started right. Build on the foundation of the “5 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever” course, additional materials are aimed at helping couples think about what’s needed to begin their relationship well.

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Couples Counseling

In working with hundreds of couples, I’ve learned that most just need a solid plan that gives them hope that their relationship could possibly be different. I’ve discovered how to zero in and focus on the root of the problems and help couples to really hear and understand each other.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and developed a roadmap to help couples recover the spark in their relationship. It’s a clear and simple way to know where you’re at and where you’re going in the process of healing.

Join me in this 90 day process to recover who you are, your passion for each other and your purpose together.

Marathon Intensive

If your relationship is in crisis, you may need more focused attention. The marathon intensive is for couples who are completely lost and need immediate help in finding their way out or those whose schedule requires a more focused approach

The Marathon Intensive is a half-day, one-day, or multiples days of therapy all at once.

Marathon Intensives Are Available Now!

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