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Take your relationship to the next level without even leaving your home! Coming soon!

Couples Therapy

Uncover what isn’t working, discovery how to fix it and recover the spark in your relationship using the Relationship Recovery Roadmap.

Weekend Intensive

Sometimes a more focused approach is required to help get through a crisis. The weekend intensive is for couples who require immediate support.

Mini E-Courses

Mini-courses are a great way to enhance your relationship with skills that can be put into practice immediately. Take the course with your partner or on your own. Either way, your relationship grows. 

Mini-courses will be available soon. Sign-up below to be notified when they’re available for purchase!

Have you ever felt stuck trying to process a fight or an incident that created some wounding? This course is designed to help provide you and your partner the tools you need   to effectively repair  the relationship after a fight without getting all the way back into it.  Coming Soon!

Did you know that there are predictable patterns that nearly every divorcing couple falls into?  The simple strategies taught in this course will help you and your partner to identify when these patterns show up and quickly respond to keep them from creating havoc. Coming Soon!

A step-by-step way to  improve the moments of openness and honesty.   This easy to follow process will help you create  amazing connection  through   asking great questions, empathizing and helping your partner feel understood in their most vulnerable moments.  Coming soon!

Couples Counseling

In working with hundreds of couples, I’ve learned that most just need a solid plan that gives them hope that their relationship could possibly be different. I’ve discovered how to zero in and focus on the root of the problems and help couples to really hear and understand each other.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and developed a roadmap to help couples recover the spark in their relationship. It’s a clear and simple way to know where you’re at and where you’re going in the process of healing.

Join me in this 90 day process to recover who you are, your passion for each other and your purpose together.

Weekend Intensive

If your relationship is in crisis, you may need more focused attention. The weekend intensive is for couples who are completely lost and need immediate help in finding their way out. 

Contact Josh for more information to discover if the weekend intensive is right for you. 

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