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Hold Me Tight: Conversations for Connection workshop. Through facilitated instruction and conversation with your partner, you will learn how to have seven crucial conversations to take your relationship from insecure to strongly bonded.

The attachments you’ll create through the workshop will allow you to experience all the emotions that accompany being committed to someone without the fear of being rejected, abandoned or shunned for opening up.

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The Bringing Baby Home Workshop is designed to help couples transition into parenthood without sacrificing their relationship!

  • Maintain relationship satisfaction after having a baby
  • Reduce relationship hostility and increase affection
  • Promote positive parent-baby interactions
  • Promote quality involvement for caregivers
  • Reduce the incidence or severity of postpartum mood disorders

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Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting presents a 5-step method that builds emotional intelligence and creates positive, long lasting effects for children from toddler to teens. Easy to learn, and used by parents, educators and care-givers, it supports kids through life’s ups and downs in a way that builds confidence and helps them grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.

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